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September 17, 2012
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The right decision by Chaluny The right decision by Chaluny
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The right decision

It was the third day after Naik’s departure. The dawn was breaking but the stars were still shining on the velvety dark sky.
Nayan found only little sleep lately. He reflect very much about the last contention with his brother. Did I act correctly? Is this our destiny the destiny of two brothers, he thought by himself. But on the other hand he arrived at a decision. He could never leave Kendra behind. He tied the knot with her for a life. He also had liability towards the pups. Sure it was not only Kendra’s task. It was also his own responsibility in equal shares. Indeed he was distressed and he missed Naik but he also knew that Naik was an adult and strong helhund. He do not need his big brother to survive anymore but Nayan liked the imagination of a family pack. It was a shame.
Suddelny Kendra jerked. All of a sudden Nayan was broad awake. It was the moment Kendra feared so much. Nayan knew it and with his tongue he softly stroke over her forehead.
“Are you all right, Darling?” he whispered. He was nervous but his voice sounds calm. He wanted to support Kendra with all his possibilities.
“Hmm..” she tightly shut her eyes a bit “I felt better once before” Kendra answered with a bland smile.
Then she jerked a second time and clenched her teeth. Nayan wished he could do any more for his mate, alleviate her pain.
“Tell me if you need anything. I will procure anything for you.. I don’t know how I could help you best. Maybe you need water, need you? Or if you want some food or-“
Kendra pushed her snout below his so he could not say another world.
“Nayan.. You are speaking too much. I only need you. Don’t go away, please” she snuggled up to him and Nayan smiled. They stayed together the whole morning. The stars faded slowly and the first indication of the rising sun tinged the sky with pale rose and orange colors.
Then when the sun appeared behind the mountain’s peaks it was passed. Faint yip-sounds got out of Kendra’s and Nayan’s den on the little hill. Both helhunds lay there among them five tiny, white furballs. They had pink muzzles and closed eyes and scrabbled around Kendra’s fur.
She looked into Nayan’s eyes but didn’t say a word. He behold her and felt so warm and happy. Now he knew the answer. He chose the right decision, this was his fortune. He wished Naik the best he could get but this was his own life and he would never change it.

To be continue...

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Puppy time :la:
This time I tried a new medium copic markers. Hope you like a bit^^
Naik is gone and the pups are born now...
But apropos Naik,
tell us your opinion in this poll, please *3*
:spotlight-left: [link] :spotlight-right:
We need it to continue with the little story^^

Okay, there are 5 pups.. I hope it's okay cause helhunds normally get less then five.. 1-3 I think. But we have some plans with them.. and five are more suitable then less I think..

Helhund species © *CheshireSmile
Nayan © *Mikaley
Kendra © *Chaluny
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