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September 5, 2012
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You are late by Chaluny You are late by Chaluny
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You are late

Disgruntled Kendra went back and forth. She already waited for hours and hunger made her mood worse as it is. At the last eight weeks Kendra became idly and exhausted more and more and now she could not hunt by herself anymore. A fact she disapproved because she wanted to be independent. The whole time Nayan was zealous to care that his beloved is feeling at ease and when he was by her side, stroke about her fur or they talked with each other Kendra was satisfied.
But since one week she had to stay by the den. Nayan brother Naik should help to bring in supplies of food. This morning he sallied but he didn’t come back. Nayan and Kendra waited for ours. Till Nayan also went to get some food. In the meantime Kendra still kept watch if Naik appeared. And actually. She saw him came up the narrow trail of their little hill. Between his tooth dangled a mountain hare.
“You are late!“ she said if he arrived the peak.
Naik didn’t answer. He still held the hare with his jaws.
“Your brother had to go for searching you.. And you? I thought you went for hunting anything. And now you come back with this poor prey? What are you doing the whole day?”
Naik let drop the hare but still didn’t say a word. He snarled silent.
“Well, well.. Now you don’t even speak to me? All right.. But I didn’t you tell once that you want to help?”
“I did..” Naik finally answer “I said it to my brother. I want to help him. HIM! Not you.”
They glared each other. Then Kendra snorted.
“You speak like a pup. I am sure that you don’t want to do anything for me. But all of us need food. Nayan was count on you..”
“Be quiet!” Naik shouted.
Now Kendra was snarl fierce.
“Oh, hold your tongue! I don’t let you mess me around. Now tell me.. What is it? What is your problem?” she asked.
Naik took a deep breath
“YOU are the problem. You try to destroy my life day by day. You take my brother away and now you boss me around. All what you want is to get me out of the way. I never understood why Nayan chosen you of all mates.”
Silence. Kendra looked straight at him but she didn’t snarl anymore. She should not admit but his words stroke her like hailstones.
“Is this really what you’re thinking?” she asked.
Naik did not say another word. He turned his back on her and went off.
In the evening when Nayan returned he found Kendra lying in the den. This was uncommon. The most time she does not want enter it. Not even at night.
“Kendra? What are you doing here?” he asked “Are you okay?”
“I didn’t know that Naik was hating me like this.. I knew we won’t never be good friends or something else..” she told everything about the dispute. “Tell me, are we a pack! No, we could be.. I thought we would accustom against each other but it looks like it will never be and now he’s gone. Don’t know but I’m feel bad. And you? You have to feel much worse than me. I know what it is I am feeling guilty. The last thing I wanted to do is hurting you and I know what he mean to you and..”
“Hush, jewel” Nayan pulled his nose on Kendra’s “I had to speak with him about the situation.. I thought it was enough but it wasn’t.. He never really cope with the change. But don’t worry. I will find him, I am sure he isn’t so far away. You shouldn’t have too much excitement. Save your forces. I caught a deer for you. Take it I will go for searching Naik.”
Kendra smiled a little bit.
“Thank you. Then.. I hope you’ll find him. Good luck.”

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Oh oh.. Fatty-Kendra is angry.. Beware!
Next part of the little helhund-lovestory.
Sorry that it took so long.
Hmm.. I don't like this part very much.. But maybe it is cause I generally hate this disaster situations in movies or sotries..^^"
Hope you still like it.

Naik © *Mikaley
Kendra © Chaluny
Both basic desgins and Helhunds © *CheshireSmile
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InsaneBestumis Featured By Owner May 25, 2013  Student Digital Artist
I like how you guys take turns with
these "chapters", they just get more
and more interesting!
Chaluny Featured By Owner May 27, 2013
Thanks so much :hug:
TashaWasha Featured By Owner Sep 16, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
I'm loving the story/RP you two have going on here. ^^
The art's lovely and I can't wait to see what happens next! 8D
Chaluny Featured By Owner Sep 17, 2012
Aww, thanks so much :hug:
Mikaley Featured By Owner Sep 16, 2012
Oh man so schönes Aquarell *3*
Darf ich eins der Bilderreihe haben. Irgendeins der tradi gemachten?
Das sieht so toll aus, die details im hintergrund und das weiche shading.
Vorallem bei Kendra mit ihrem ganzen weiß *3*
Das arme häschen CX *nom nom*

Und die geschichte ist auch toll, wie er da den abgang macht.
Chaluny Featured By Owner Sep 16, 2012
Oh hmm. Muss ich mal schauen.
Dann sollt ich das nächste Bild wohl eher auch wieder in Aquarell machen, üb ja mit denen. Das hier mag ich auch sehr, da gefällt mir selbst der HG ganz gut.
Tja, flauschige kleine weiße Häschen.. schon gemein xD

Danke freut mich.
Mikaley Featured By Owner Sep 16, 2012
Noin mach mit copics, möchte was mit copics sehen *3*
Üb was schönes mit Copics ich hab sicher noch mal gelegenheit was von dir zu bekommen ;)
ImagineCorgis Featured By Owner Sep 8, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Uh, I like angry Kendra ^^
I feel bad for Naik, I like him so much! :aww:
Can't wait for the next part! :dance:
Chaluny Featured By Owner Sep 12, 2012
Thanks ^^
KatKatsu Featured By Owner Sep 6, 2012
hach ich mag die Blauschichten am Himmel *3*
u. wie du mit Tradi-Zeugs so ne leuchtende Sonne hinkriegst ist krass
hach u. ich kann Kendras Zähnchen bestaunen <D
d´aww aber armes Häschen.. gut sie brauchen Futter, aber es sieht so schnuffelig aus
*HG noch weiterhin besabber*
sag machst du bei deinen Bildchen eig. zuerst den HG oder zuerst die Characktere?
btw, darf ich noch fragen, was das Schwarze über Naik im Himmel ist?
u. hey.. sieht man da Zitzen bei Kendra?
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